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That Is The Worlds Eighth Continent Kind Of

That Is The Worlds Eighth Continent Kind Of

While not considered continents due to their relatively small dimension, they could be considered microcontinents. Madagascar, the largest instance, is normally thought-about an island of Africa, but its divergent evolution has triggered it to be referred to as “the eighth continent” from a biological perspective. In many of those circumstances, the “subcontinents” concerned are on totally different tectonic plates from the the rest of the continent, providing a geological justification for the terminology. Greenland, typically reckoned as the world’s largest island on the northeastern periphery of the North American Plate, is sometimes referred to as a subcontinent. This is a major departure from the extra conventional view of a subcontinent as comprising a really large peninsula on the fringe of a continent. How did they determine the place to draw the line between islands and continents?

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