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Africa Asia Australia Continent Inventory Illustrations

Africa Asia Australia Continent Inventory Illustrations

The far north and the far south are, in contrast to the central areas, comparatively temperate. One of the most fascinating scientific subjects is the study of the 5 oceans and seven continents. The Northern Hemisphere has the biggest of the Earth’s land mass, and of the seven continents, five are discovered within the northern hemisphere, they usually embrace South America, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. When I went to highschool in Australia in the 59’s and 60’s, They taught us that a Continent was a big space of land, surrounded by a big body of water.

The plateaus in Central Asia are largely unsuitable for farming and are thinly populated. Navigation and exploration outside of Europe was an necessary part of the event of the continent’seconomic, social, linguistic, and politicallegacy. European explorers had been liable for colonizing land on each continent except Antarctica. This colonization process had adrasticimpact on the financial and political improvement of those continents, in addition to Europe.

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