Greek Creation Story: Hello Nyx!

Something Familiar

Welcome back, everyone! This week we are going back to some familiar ground, Greek Mythology. In my recent stint with people this last week I have discovered that there are so many people who aren’t even remotely aware of even the basic mythological stories. So this week we are going somewhere that is almost everyone’s first introduction to mythology.

There is something about Greek mythology that just makes me feel so happy and excited. So let’s dive right in!

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Zoroastrian Story: The Bundahishn

The What?!

So for the last week, I have been reading and rereading The Bundahishn. This is a telling of the Zoroastrian creation story. Bungahishn is supposed to mean Primal Creation and it does give us the names and leaders of almost everything in our world and how it came to be.

This was the first time I had ever heard of this creation myth. I had, however, heard a little about Zoroastrian. Let’s start there. What is Zoroastrian? Why did I pick to go there after talking about the Norse last week, something we are all more familiar with.

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The Adventures of the Argonauts (Part VI)

When we last left our hero and his heroes, they had just washed up on the shores of Iolcus – exhausted and overcome with emotion to be home again. Jason found his father and Pelias sitting together in the palace, warming themselves by a dead fire, old and near death. Jason’s father is blind and at first doesn’t believe that Jason is who he says he is but Jason convinces him and the chapter ends with the two locked in a loving embrace and Aeson asking Jason never to leave him again.

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Norse Mythology Creation Story

So what better way to kick off our blog than to start with a series of creation stories. A creation story tells us how a group of people thought the world worked. It shows what their values probably were and what the held close in their communities. I’m thinking of hitting some major regions, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and some lesser known, something from Africa, Native American, Australia, maybe China and India too? There are just so many different creation stories, it’s hard to cover just one!

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The Adventures of the Argonauts (Part II)

When we last left our Hero he had just been brought to the home of Chiron the Centaur, wisest of all things under the sun, atop the snowy peaks of Mount Pelion. Let us rejoin him and see what happens when he starts out for Iolcus by the sea with the intention of claiming the throne as the rightful heir to the kingdom. Something tells me it’s not going to go as he plans… if it does, this is going to be a real short series.

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