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The Song of Lamia

A story from Spain and from Basque culture. Links below. If you're interested in becoming a voice actor for Satyr Productions, drop us a line: Enjoy the story! Source Text: Narration text and notes:...

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S03E51 – The Quick-witted Bald Man

Just stories this week and a very brief whisky review. Stories are from China and Egypt, whisky is from Scotland. This episode also features a guest story from Wendy Shearer. More information available in the episode. Want to learn more about Wendy Shearer? Visit her...

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S03E50 – The Story of the Two Devils

Tanner and Eric tell stories from North America and Tibet and review whisky from Sweden. Why would you not listen to this? Seriously, what are you doing better than this? Nothing, that's what. We love you 🙂 Thunderclap Campaign - Please...

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S03E49 – Buttercup

Join Tanner & Eric (and a guest storyteller!) for an episode featuring stories from America, Ireland, and the Norse. This week's whisky is a rare one and we'll reveal the winner of a hardcover copy of The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland provided by our friends at...

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S03E48 – The Diving Girl of Oiso Bay

In this episode we hear stories from Japan and India and we taste whiskey from Dublin, Ireland. [smart_track_player url="" title="LMAW - The Diving Girl of Oiso Bay" color="#ffffff"...

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S3E47 – Chikubu Island, Lake Biwa

We're back, a few days early too. What can we say, we just couldn't stand to wait. We've got even better sound quality this season, courtesy of some much needed equipment upgrades, and a lot of news about the future. It's going to be a great season. Enjoy these...

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