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Sorry Europe, Australia And Antarctica, There Are Only Four Continents

Sorry Europe, Australia And Antarctica, There Are Only Four Continents

Select the name of the continent to be taught more about it. Originally the term “continent” was utilized to any space of land, of any size, not separated by water, including islands. People sometimes mix continents #3 and #4 right into a single continent referred to as _____ – since they’re a single piece of land. Based on area, Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent at 5.5 million sq. miles (14.2 million square kilometers).

Region extending from the japanese Mediterranean coast through Southwest Asia to the Persian Gulf. Act during which earth is worn away, usually by water, wind, or ice. Part of a continent that extends underwater to the deep-ocean flooring. Recently formed mountains discovered near the coast of continents, especially the western coasts of the Americas. Line of latitude at 66.5 degrees south that encircles the continent of Antarctica.

Tectonic platesWhere do most Australians stay in Australia? Along the southeast, japanese and southwestern coast.State a reality about Europeans in the region.Europeans had a really large impression on this region.What is Australia the world’s leading producer of? WoolMany folks of Oceania develop food for themselves, that is called? Subsistence farmingWhat country is Australia still a dominion of? Great BritianAustralians are concerned concerning the impact of what?

Like the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic stretches all the way from the Arctic to the Antarctic region. It covers the area between western Europe and Africa to western North and South America. This ocean covers an area of 63,784,077 sq. miles or 165,200,000 sq. kilometers. Despite its vastness, there are only twelve impartial nations in South America.

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