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World Land Areas And Elevations

World Land Areas And Elevations

They additionally taught that there were 5 Continents, from the most important ,to the smallest. Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia. It seems to me that Europe is not a continent, and never was. So, aside from the British Isles, all other so known as Europeans are Asians.

Greenland, off the east coast of Canada, is the world’s largest island. Its ice is aremnantof the good ice sheets that once blanketed much of the North American continent. Greenland is the only place besides Antarctica that also has an ice sheet.

If Australia can’t be considered a continent as a end result of it’s isolated from other continents then nor can the Americas. Therefore Eurasia/Africa being the biggest continuous continent is the only continent. The British colonized the continent, and finally, the name Australia grew to become the name for the entire thing. At the time, many people thought that Australia was absolutely the southernmost continent on the planet.

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