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The largest coral reef within the globe, Great Barrier Reef, is situated in Australia stretching over 2000 kilometers within the northeast coast. It has numerous archipelagos corresponding to Tasmania and different smaller islands. It is the sixth-largest country by whole land surface space and remains the smallest among the many seven continents.

Division into three components eventually got here to predominate. From the Greek viewpoint, the Aegean Sea was the middle of the world; Asia lay to the east, Europe to the north and west, and Africa to the south. Early on, the Europe‚ÄďAsia boundary was taken to run from the Black Sea along the Rioni River in Georgia.

After the splitting and drifting, a process that is nonetheless ongoing based on geologists, it has resulted in seven main continents which may be home to millions of vegetation, animals, and people. These continents are made up of many international locations they usually include Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, and North America. Fortunately, seven nodes aren’t vital clutter and price decreased threat of someone mapping continents in a much more damaging means.The continents of the earth are tagged with this. AntarcticaA continent principally covered in ice, which sits in the southernmost a half of the world. The modern continents as we know them had been clustered into a single massive continent called Pangaea that broke aside by seafloor spreading.

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