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Landscapes Of The Seven Continents

Landscapes Of The Seven Continents

This continent is the southern space of the landmass it shares with North America. Like North America, South America borders with the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Pacific to the East. South America stretches all the method in which to the South Pole the place its nearest neighboring continent, Antarctica, is situated. Europe is essentially the most densely populated continent on Earth with a populated mainland stretching east from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains. The continent is bordered by the Mediterranean and Black seas to the south, and the Antarctic Ocean to the north. Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, The British Isles, or the Balearic Islands are additionally densely populated islands which are a part of Europe.

One reason they offer is that it belongs to the European Union; but the European Union is actually not coextensive with Europe. Cyprus is split between a Turkish and a Greek sphere of affect. The Greeks probably need to think about Cyprus part of Europe, and the Turks, part of Asia. As a aspect notice, there´s not any evidence that the 7-continent model is “by far the most typical agreed” model.

Likewise there isn’t a Indian Ocean, no China Sea, no Atlantic, no Pacific, no north Sea. It’s how we create and keep the OTHER, how we use division to isolate and manipulate. I learn all da comments and all are so awesome even myself I thought we have six.

Chitwan National Park hosts more than seven-hundred species of wildlife together with leopards and the elusive Bengal tiger. Replanting efforts listed below are focused on improving livelihoods for individuals who call Nepal residence and restoring forests in areas of important significance. The planting sites are located in upland areas of the mountainous Nawalparasi District, along lowland alluvial plains, and around Chitwan National Park as a way of growing a buffer zone round this national treasure. We are working with Trees for the Future to create Forest Garden tasks throughout the Fatick and Kaffrine areas of Senegal.

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