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Whiskey Lore

The whisky typifying this formidable beast is a 45 Year Old Ben Nevis 1972 Single Malt (70cl; 42% ABV) aged in a sherry hogshead, of which only 228 bottles can be found. The Cask 88 Scottish Folklore Series will encompass six unique, single cask expressions; each expression will dictate the myth or legend it embodies. This strategy is designed to bond the tales of Scotland’s distinctive history with the very most interesting expressions of its spirit. Join me for an epic mini-series as we investigate one of many darkest chapters in the historical past of whisky – the age of the Whisky Trust. Built to assist control and out of control business, the Distillers and Cattle Feeder Trust began merely enough, with a goal of stopping the mass overproduction of alcohol. But soon greed took hold of its founders and soon, any system needed was used to deliver the industry under their thumb.

Ozturk Coskun

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