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What Number Of Continents Are There?

What Number Of Continents Are There?

Seven countries have territorial claims to portions of Antarctica. However, beneath the Antarctic Treaty, they have agreed to disregard territorial borders and collaborate to check and protect the continent. An east-west trending ocean that separated Gondwandland from Laurasis. I’ll post all your feedback so everybody can see that you’re insane. Your posts don’t seem instantly as a end result of I truly have to approve them first. As to your query, let’s say the land mass of a continent should stretch past one hemisphere.

Because of this, most geographers divide Eurasia into Europe and Asia. An imaginary line, running from the northern Ural Mountains in Russia south to the Caspian and Black Seas, separates Europe, to the west, from Asia, to the east. In 1501, Amerigo Vespucci and Gonçalo Coelho attempted to sail round what they thought-about the southern end of the Asian mainland into the Indian Ocean, passing by way of Fernando de Noronha. On return to Europe, an account of the voyage, known as Mundus Novus (“New World”), was printed beneath Vespucci’s name in 1502 or 1503, although plainly it had additions or alterations by another author. Ancient Greek thinkers subsequently debated whether or not Africa should be considered part of Asia or a 3rd a part of the world.

Ocean waters have flooded large areas and then steadily dried up. Massive ice sheets have come and gone, sculpting the panorama within the course of. The surface of the continents has modified many instances due to mountain building,weathering,erosion, and build-up ofsediment. Continuous, gradual motion of tectonic plates also changes surface options.

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