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The Brand New Washington Restaurant & Nightlife Scene

The Brand New Washington Restaurant & Nightlife Scene

POTUS would not simply set the tone for American coverage; he holds major sway over culture—especially in his adopted hometown. Fans of the ’60s cult basic — ‘Whovians’ as they call themselves — have a gathering place in Brooklyn (also generally known as their “nerdvana”). The bar serves up cocktails like the 9th, 10th, eleventh and twelfth Doctor and hosts screenings of the show on Sundays. Surprisingly, the primary attraction is the bathroom, designed as a “tardis”—that’s Who-speak for “time machine”. For Mediterranean with Middle Eastern flavors as well as a Balearic DJ there’s nothing better than El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet, which does the Ibiza “beach club” restaurant so properly.

Ozturk Coskun

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