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Geography Details About The World’s Continents

Geography Details About The World’s Continents

And, truly 50 yrs in the past once I was in class, Antarica was not thought of a continent so there were solely 5 continents. I all the time that America was one continent and never divided into North and South. I had by no means seen any structure different from the essential Mercator version using the same scheme — however clearly, people can and do have different ones. I first encountered that in some documentary piece with a scene shot in a Chinese schoolroom — I seen a world map within the background similar to the hyperlink above. I’m Spanish and after I was a little lady there “were” only 5 continents , later one means or the other someone realized Antarctica seemed like one other one and we began to pay attention to about 6 continents. I keep in mind being quite disturbed by the reality that I noticed 6 on my maps regardless of what my trainer stated.

The first Turks (Look at Proto-Turks in Chinese History) were a blonde race. There are nonetheless blonde Turks today (Kiphcak, Cumans. Gagauzia, Western Thracia, Szekely Turks, some Tatars and Bulgarians). In Europe, Slavic-speaking nations are referred to as Slavic, however the same factor isn’t mentioned for nations belonging to the same language family as Turkish. NO NOOO TURKS AND FINNISH, ESTONIANS, HUNGARIANS IS NOT RELATIVES. FOR EXAMPLE HUNGARIANS CLOSE TO SLAVS AND GERMAN. YES I SEE… THIS IS FUCKING PAN SLAVISM AND GERMAN AFFECTS ONLY AND WITH THE HELP OF CHRISTIANITY.

Vostok Station, where the coldest temperature on Earth was recorded, is operated by Russia. Antarctica is almost utterly lined with ice, sometimes as thick as three.2 kilometers . In winter, Antarctica’s surface space might double aspack icebuilds up in the ocean around the continent.

Compare that to the continent of Asia which has 29.32% of the world’s land space but a staggering 62% of the world’s population. This infographic above counts down from the most important continent to the smallest displaying the outline of every continent together with the land space in sq. kilometers and square miles. It also features a calculation of what portion of the world’s land space every continent represents.

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