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For more info on the metro connection to the town centre see our web page on Travelling to Barcelona Airport on the Metro system. The train will drop you off about 5 minutes stroll from the airport main entrance for Terminal 2. If you should go to Terminal 1, there’s a shuttle bus that leaves from immediately exterior the practice station.

If you’re principally traveling by subway and bus, we suggest a 7-day LinkPass for 1 week of unlimited travel on the subway, Local Bus, Charlestown Ferry, and Commuter Rail Zone 1A. If you’re here for the weekend and plan to take the Commuter Rail, we advocate the $10.00 weekend move, valid for unlimited journey on any route on Saturday and Sunday. For weekend journey, attempt our $10.00 Commuter Rail pass—valid for unlimited travel on any route on Saturday and Sunday. Some are introduced and displayed at affected transit stations.

1-day LinkPasses are $12.75—that’s equal to the cost of about four subway journeys. The price of your trip and the kind of cross you need depend upon how lengthy you’ll be on the town and which modes of transit you’ll be using. Every MBTA staff member is trained on emergency procedures and preparedness. You can also see MBTA Transit Police officers in and round stations. They have the authority of a full police company in Massachusetts.

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