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The solely viable reason you have is that the Americas are greater. So you may have picked an arbitrary measurement restrict as your defining characteristic of a continent, as per Per’s suggestion. Your argument ignores the truth that the Americas are also a separate landmass.

Oceania is the smallest continent on the basis inhabitants if Antarctica is excluded as there is not any inhabitants estimates for Antarctica by UN . Now I reside in USA and my husband noticed that I was speaking with my daughter about 6 continents. We needed to find out that folks in several international locations have been educated totally different and looks like everybody is correct who think there are 6 or 7 continents. But I refer to 6, because Eourope and Asia is one entire landmass. I even have by no means accepted the arguments that Australia just isn’t continent unless all the islands of Oceania are included with it and that Australia itself is an island.

Ozturk Coskun

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