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Compass Field Myths & Legends #1

Compass Field Myths & Legends #1

While the precise circumstances of bourbon’s origin may be lost to time, its Southern roots and status as America’s native spirit are cemented in historical past. And that, fortunately, is something we’re pleased to lift a glass to. Southerners aren’t ones to let an inconvenient fact stand in the way of a good story. And, when it comes to Kentucky bourbon lore, Michael Veach has heard them all.

The incidence of impure moonshine has been documented to significantly increase the chance of renal disease among those who regularly consume it, primarily from elevated lead content material. Alcohol concentrations at higher strengths (the GHS identifies concentrations above 24% ABV as dangerous) are flammable and therefore harmful to handle. This is very true through the distilling process when vaporized alcohol might accumulate within the air to dangerous concentrations if adequate ventilation is not supplied. A spiral still is a kind of column still with a simple gradual air-cooled distillation apparatus, generally used for bootlegging. Column and cooler encompass a 5-foot-long (1.5 m) copper tube wound in spiral kind. The tube first goes up to act as a easy column, after which down to chill the product.

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