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With Woodford Reserve we kick-off our 3rd Bourbon of our whiskey samplings, and another fine selection offered via  As a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, immediately we get straight to the point that this is another fine whiskey, which provides a robust aroma and rewards the palette with sip to enjoy slowly.  Even at 90 proof, we again chose to drink it straight and at room temperature, which envelopes itself with a dry, yet sweet start and long and smooth finish.  The American Bourbon tradition is continued with this tasty craft from Versailles, Kentucky.

The Nose

The aroma is a drier and quickly evaporating intensity and provides a sweet yet foreign smell of agave nectar, smoked wood, walnuts or pecans, and spiciness.

The Pallet

With just a sip and wash over the taste buds, brings this bourbon to light where the woody aromatic notes of cherry and walnuts resolve into a reminiscent addition of chocolate covering of each initial sprite of flavor.  Flowing over the palette at the mid and side points, the taste evolves into a refreshing and tempered ginger root and tequila taste, which is a pleasant change of pace.  The gathering of all of these complex flavors together, brings out a dry earthy tone, which begins to hint back to the nuttiness and slight sweetness of pecans.

The Finish and Linger

From the final trickle to the swallow, there is a again a dry finish with this Kentucky Bourbon, which rounds out to a longer finish than expected.  Which even though was unexpected, was very much appreciated and made us grasp for another sip and hold for continued enjoyment.  The woodiness comes back full throttle and brings with it a finish of having tasted a finely tuned tequila along.  The linger of Woodford Reserve is a warm reflection of honey on buttered toast, so perhaps it's time for breakfast!

The Score

Tanner's score: 76% (C)
Josh's score: 80% (B)

LMAW Grade: 78% (C+)

Selected Awards:

2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge: Excellent, Highly Recommended
2014 Whiskies of the World Awards: Gold Medal
2014, 2012, 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Gold Medal
2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Double Gold Medal
2012 International Spirits Challenge: Best in Class, Gold Medal
2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge: Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation
2009 Whisky Magazine: Whisky Innovator of the Year
2009 SIP Awards: Platinum Medal
2009 New York Spirits Awards: Best of Class, Whiskies
2005, 2001, 2000 World Spirits Competition: Double Gold Medal
2003 International Spirits Challenge: Gold Medal
2001 International Wine & Spirits Competition: Gold Medal
1999 International Spirits Challenge: Best in Class, Bourbon


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