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What If Europe And North America Switched Populations?

What If Europe And North America Switched Populations?

Before colonization from European nations, South America was inhabited by a number of Aboriginal nations talking all kinds of languages from completely different language families, most of them being long forgotten now, however a lot are nonetheless known by few and are currently at risk of extinction. At the time of European contact, it is estimated that 1,500 languages were spoken in South America; only 350 of these languages are still spoken at present. “People could basically stair-step their method across the coast and have an identical suite of sources that they have been in general conversant in,” says Rick, who has spent years excavating sites on the California coast. Rick began his own career finding out a likely migration alongside the “Kelp Highway”—the rim of coastline that apparently as quickly as stretched from Asia all the method in which round to North America.

There is a country known as Australia, and it is the largest country in the continent of Australia. To distinguish between the nation and the continent, some have advised calling the continent Meganesia (“great continent”) or “Australinea.” Out of the seven continents, Australia is the smallest. It consists of the nations of Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, in addition to some parts of the Indonesian archipelago . In addition to having diversified geography, of all the continents, Asia is experiencing perhaps essentially the most devastating effects of local weather change. Some countries’ coastlines are eroding, and a few islands could soon disappear altogether. Of all the seven continents, Africa suffered the worst results of colonization.

Today, the coast of the Pacific Northwest bears little resemblance to the world the primary Americans would have encountered. The lushly forested shoreline I noticed would have been naked rock following the retreat of the ice sheets. And in the final 15,000 to twenty,000 years, sea levels have risen some 400 ft.

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