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Tradition Lounge And Restuarant

Tradition Lounge And Restuarant

Blue Dot is called for its unique owners, Blue Robinson and his wife Dorothy (“Dot”). The restaurant opened in 1947and was initially positioned within the Eastside neighborhood, close to the H&O Restaurant. It later relocated to the intersection of De Villiers and Wright Streets, moving once more to its current location circa 1995.

Bon Vie is an off-the-cuff, white tablecloth restaurant providing French-American meals in a restaurant’, bistro setting. Crowd pleasers like The Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen. And fine fare on the likes of Smith & Wollensky and Mitchell’s Ocean Club. From Mexican to Mediterranean and every cuisine in between, no matter you’re hungry for, Easton has it. Email your experiences (and ideas, opinions, and questions—anything, really) to

Ever wish you can immerse yourself on the earth of one of the quirkiest film directors? This place is the tiny, wonky and gothic bar providing such an experience. Its something-for-everyone menu contains wings in flavors like “Nightmare” and “Hello Alice”, “Cheshire Mac” and entrées with names like “Sweeney Beef” and “Edward Burger Hands”. Located in the Dairy Block, Poka Lola reinvents the everyman’s cocktail bar, with a nod to turn of the century American soda fountain tradition. With performances occurring throughout the city every night of the week, it’s simple to find something for everybody to jam to, laugh at, or sing together with.

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