Tasted during Episode 47, Season 3, Togouchi 12-year is a unique blended Japanese whisky with an international pedigree comprised of Canadian and Scottish origins.

In 1918, in the the city of Hiroshima, Japan, the company Chugoku Jozo came into existence. Chugoku Jozo was best known, at the time, for making sake, but in 1990 they decided to try their hand at making whisky.

But there's a twist...

Chugoku Jozo did not wish to distill the whisky themselves so, instead, opted to source malt whiskies from Scotland and grain whiskies from Canada - they would then blend and mature the whiskies in Hiroshima. The end result of this somewhat convoluted creation process was bottled and sold as the Japanese whisky we'll be tasting today: Togouchi.

Togouchi 12-year is a peaty offering with spicy notes of oak throughout. Like Chugoku Jozo's other whiskies, Togouchi is distilled* blended in an old abandoned railroad tunnel below the streets of Hiroshima - an atmosphere which, it turns out, is perfect for aging whisky.

The nose delivers green apple and lemon citrus, green grapefruit and only a hint of smokiness. The pallet follows well with a similar arrangement and the addition of marzipan and allspice. The finish leaves you with a lingering coconut sweetness.

As a blended whisky which is one part Canadian, one part Scottish, and two-parts brilliant Japanese blending and aging, Togouchi 12-year has a flavor profile most will find unique. Regardless of its multinational composition, this whisky is decidedly Japanese.

[thst_alert style="green"] Tanner's Score: 84/100

Eric's Score: 86/100

LMAW Score: 85/100 [/thst_alert]

* This was a script error. Togouchi is a blended whisky which is only blended and aged in Japan. Its components, Canadian and Scottish whisky, are distilled in at their prospective origins. 


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