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Three Unforgettable Things from the Beauty of Bali

Three Unforgettable Things from the Beauty of Bali

Bali has become world’s famous tourist destination. Every year, many local and foreign tourists come to enjoy bali attractions or the beauties of Bali. In fact, even though they have come many times, the charm of Bali is never ending. The atmosphere is hard to forget.

Tourists are always impressed by how Bali presents everything they expect when on vacation. In fact, when they know the best time to visit bali, it is not enough for them to come to Bali once. There have been several times, they are still amazed by the charm of this Dewata Island

We can’t describe Bali only with words. This is because there are so many tourist spots that stand on the world level. But, with perfect timing, there are 3 beauties of Bali that can never be forgotten.

1. The beaches

Bali is indeed famous for its beaches. So, if you come here and have not enjoyed the beach yet, then it’s a shame. Beaches in Bali are very exotic and magnificent. In fact, all of them are full of unbeatable attractions. This can be seen from the sunrise and sunset, water games on the beach and much more.

Beaches in Bali are perfect for healing. The many things that can be done on the beach make it not easy for tourists to forget it. Just sitting in a restaurant on the cliff by the beach, enjoying the sunrise view and the beach breeze already sounds amazing as it is.

2. The cultures

Bali and its culture are very thick in the memories of both local and world tourists. Not a few tourists who deliberately come to Bali along with certain cultural celebrations. This cultural celebration has its own characteristics when compared to other cultures in Indonesia.

Indeed, Balinese themselves also deliberately carry out cultural celebrations with the aim of attracting the attention of world tourists. Therefore, at every celebration they take it seriously. There are also many tour agents, both local and foreign, who offer tour packages including cultural celebrations.

3. Natures

In Bali, the people really respect and preserve nature. There are so many tour packages that offer tourists to get to know the nature of Bali more closely. For example, there are trekking tours around the rice fields such as the Tegalalang rice terrace or cycling around villages in Bali.

All of these are very interesting for tourists because they get to know more about Bali and its people, including its nature, more closely. Not only that, the nature of Bali also offers extreme tourism for tourists. For example, climbing Mount Agung, diving in the deep sea, adventuring into tropical forests and many more.

Start making a vacation schedule to Bali while still paying attention to the best time to visit. It depends on what you want to do there. Generally, during the dry season is the best time to enjoy the beach, sunrise and other tours in Bali.

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