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This Is The Worlds Eighth Continent Kind Of

This Is The Worlds Eighth Continent Kind Of

No where else on the planet do we rely a group of islands as a continent. As for continental shelves not being a part of continents, just await the following ice age, which is ready to happen whatever the world warming currently plaguing the planet, when sea levels drop considerably . Greenland is the most important island in the world as indicated by the Encyclopedia Britannica and different sources. Also the definition of an island is a land mass surrounded by water AND not a continent. Africa is the second-largest continent in the world and covers an area of 11,730,000 square miles. Africa is also the second most populous continent and had a inhabitants of 1,216,a hundred thirty,000 individuals as of 2016.

Since then, the Atlantic has become massively necessary in world trade. The Atlantic ocean has played a key position within the imperialistic and colonialist enterprises by European states (Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, and so forth.). Europeans had been able to chart this ocean fully within the 15th century once they began crusing to North and South America. This makes it, together with the jap portion of the Indian Ocean, the oldest ocean to be chartered by Europeans.

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