It is perhaps the best known and accepted turth in the whisky world: many of this planet's greatest whiskies were crafted in distilleries which are no longer with us. Varying economic climates, changing markets, changes in taste, bad luck; whatever the reason, they're gone... but the love of these lost distilleries remains, and with a few bottles still floating around out there, these soon to be bygone offerings have achieved near-mythical status.

Today we have the great fortune to taste one of these rare drams.

The Blended Whisky Company's Lost Distilleries Blend is an astonishing expression. Though the distilleries which crafted the whiskies included in this blend are gone, they are far from forgotten. This 750ml bottle, dubbed "batch #9" retails at $362 and is one of just 476. Batch #9 is made with malt whiskies from Caperdonich, Rosebank, Mosstowie, Glenisla, Imperial, Glenlochy, Glen Mhor, Craigduff, Port Ellen and Brora, as well as grain whisky from the Port Dundas.

The nose is chocolate-covered marzipan, liquorice root, and red apple sweetness. The palate is rich with toffee notes; well rounded with a subtle fruitiness. The finish is long, creamy, complex, with only the smallest amount of perceivable smoke.

Enjoying a dram of this quality is certainly an enjoyable experience, but there's a solemness in it as well. This is liquid history, and as we enjoy it so too do we quicken its extinction. All good things must come to an end, perhaps that is one of the best known and accepted truths of the world writ large - but take your time with this one and treat it with respect. By enjoying this blend you're adding your name to rich timeline; this isn't just a tasting, this is history in the making and you're part of it now.

[thst_alert style="green"] Tanner's Score: 100/100

Eric's Score : 100/100

LMAW Score: 100/100[/thst_alert]



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