Well, it's been nearly 6-months since we published our last full-length episode and it's going to be another 10 before the, then, long anticipated Season IV hits your podcatchers, but we've not been resting on our laurels! We've been working, making stuff, planning things, and being generally busy; dotting i's and crossing t's (and in Nico's case, drinking teas). Since we're starting to get emails asking why this break is being taken and if we're ever actually going to come back, I thought I'd write you all and tell you of our progress and plans.

What will Season IV bring us?

In short: a more mature version of our original format. That doesn't just mean a more professional look accomplished with more professional equipment, it means a re-design of how seriously we take the show from the ground up. For starters, the podcast won't be the only horse in our stable anymore: we're adding a YouTube channel. In addition, pre-production of each episode (be it podcast or YouTube; both will be different) will be much more thorough. The decision has been made to present a much more academic product to our listeners and subscribers, and while we won't start taking ourselves too seriously we are going to start taking the research more seriously - and the presentation of that research.

A new look

Mythology, Legend, and Folklore all speak to us from out of the past and when the stories are rich and detailed they can feel like they are real. Indeed, if we are to believe Joseph Campbell, there is a part of them that is real. These stories present us with a verbal looking glass, one which allows us to peer deep into our shared human history and better understand our present selves by showing us how our ancient selves bargained with reason in an attempt to understand things about the world around them. These stories are threads through time, connections to our shared origins - they deserve a better treatment than we've given them up to now.

We're starting with a new logo, a more alive version of our beloved Satyr. Our purpose in giving him this new life is to give us something to look at, every day, which reminds us that what we share on this program isn't just two-dimensional text on a page, rather it is our past, vividly described and looking back at us as we look at it - locking eyes and starting a conversation; demanding respect and giving it in return.

A division of stories and research

Our inclusion of the YouTube platform into our format isn't for the sake of itself and while we initially imagined it would simply be a video version of the podcast, we've come to realize it can serve a much better purpose as a companion to the podcast rather than a mirror image of it. With my small family (Brittany, Jupiter, and I) moving to Colorado in 2018, Eric remaining in Florida, and Nico being some four-thousand or so miles across the Atlantic, working proficiently is going to become an even larger challenge than it was in Seasons I, II, and III. Our solution here is to compartmentalize the podcast from YouTube channel and vice-versa.

Eric, Nico, and I will continue to produce the podcast in its current form, with Eric making quarterly trips out to Colorado in order to bulk record podcast episodes. The time saved by producing the podcast in this way will create ample time for me to produce the YouTube channel - which will be hosted only by me and will feature the deep dive research I've been aching to bring to this project since we began in September 2015. In other words, the podcast will remain largely unchanged (a decision backed strongly by all of you, our listeners and subscribers), with only cursory research presented in bullet-point-style fashion and plenty of banter and tangents to keep it light and fun.  The YouTube channel will be much more informative and is where we plan to put a lot of the contextual, historical, and cultural substance. We're in the process of designing this video studio right now, though we won't be building it for at least another six-months.

The LMAW YouTube Studio

As you can see, we've not gotten to the fireplace yet, but rest assured: there will be one.

The death of Patreon.com

Our intent is to leave the Patron program behind and construct our own platform for supporting the show: The LMAW Insiders program. We've made this decision for a few reasons but the most relevant are: content control, flexibility, and overhead reduction. Simpy put: it is easier, less expensive, and more manageable to keep everything under one roof instead of managing our content in multiple location and segregating our subscribers; relegating them to an entirely different website just to access episode extras and other subscriber-only content that we could host here much more easily.

The addition of Professional Services

While this bit applies to our company, Satyr Productions, and not directly to the podcast, it does account for most of the actual work we've done in our off-season thus far. Pictured above is only the stage for the YouTube channel, not pictured is the rest of the space which makes up most of the new build: the technology and services side of the studio. From this space we will offer:

  • Mixing and Mastering services
  • Recording services
  • Podcast consulting services and
  • Design and Advertising services
  • Composition and Scoring

Since the studio is yet to be realized some of these things are not yet in-play, but they are certainties at this stage and not mere fantasies. Since March 2017 we've created two soundscape albums available for license to YouTube channels, Podcasters, and Independent Filmmakers. One of those albums, previewed below, is "Heroic King", a Norse and Ango-Saxon inspired soundscape intended for projects going for a Northern-Europe-in-1000AD kind of feel. The other is "Pilgrimage", currently awaiting cover art by the talented Paolo Puggioni before we release it.

In summary (TL;DR)

Satyr Productions is stepping up it's game and becoming a grown up company. This means a more robust, better researched, and more complete version of the Legends Myths and Whiskey podcast which adds YouTube to the mix. It also means bringing our support program in-house and doing a better job of curating it. And lastly it means the offering of business services within the podcasting and general production space.

If you have questions about any of this, leave a comment below or send an email to tanner@satyrproductions.com. Thanks for reading, listening, and subscribing - see you soon!


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