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Park City Restaurants & Bars

Park City Restaurants & Bars

When it comes to cool neighborhoods, MASS District takes the cake. Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, it’s an artistic hub full of studios, avenue murals, and eclectic shops and storefronts. The creatives in MASS District have formed their own little art community, and it’s exciting to see it all unfold.

Downtown’s wildly popular Club Rio gains nationwide notoriety after a videotape is leaked exhibiting an illegal lodge tryst between a 24-year-old Rob Lowe and the underage woman he picked up at the nightclub. Gatien returns to determine Midtown because the place to celebration with Petrus within the former Peachtree Playhouse auditorium. After 10 years in business, Midtown’s Backstreet becomes a non-public, 24-hour club and shortly has the most popular after-hours dance flooring on the town. Underground’s reign is brief lived; the new east-west MARTA line cuts the house in half, taking out rows of bars. Aunt Charley’s, a casual neighborhood bar, begins a 20-year run in Buckhead on the apex of the Peachtree-Roswell break up.

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