St. Francis Borgia (1510-72) Helping a Dying Impenitent, 1795 (oil on canvas)

What I'm about to tell you is not to be tried, and the spirits and or demons are not to be tempted or enticed by anyone who does not know how to handle the following things. There are things in this world that are not of this world that are around us daily. These beings, spirits, and yes, demons that come in contact with some of us for many different reasons. Some have been invited, some have attached themselves and others were already residing on the land or in the homes we live on or in are not to be taken lightly.

Lester Keller

[thst_alert style="white"] What follows is an account by one of our listeners, Lester Keller, of an Exorcism - performed by him - during January of 2017. It is meant as non-fiction, according to Lester, and to be taken seriously.[/thst_alert]

I received a Phone Call from My sister that our cousin's boyfriend has been acting strange for the last several weeks.

I asked "like what?"

My sister said that when he is asleep several voices come from him, not out of his mouth but like a speaker from him. Sometimes his eyes would change to all black or one of his eyes would get a slit like cat eyes but it's only for a minute or two then it goes back to normal. She also stated that sometimes he speaks languages that he does not know and they don't sound like Spanish or German etc.

I told her to have him come to her house on Tuesday which was two-days later.

Tuesday came and I jumped on my motorcycle and headed over. When I arrived My sister was there and had already picked up a few things needed. These things were holy water, virgin olive oil, sage, bread and water. When my cousin and her boyfriend arrived I explained what was told to me about him and asked him what he was doing before all this began. He said he wasn't sure. I always ask questions about the person because sometimes it is not spiritual but mental. As I was questioning him he became nervous and started sweating and fidgeting. The energy in the room became electric and thick. He then became agitated and anxious.

I told him we were there to help but that he had to want the help.

He then started saying he didn't need help and his eyes began to change a bit... I knew we need to act quickly.

We put a table chair in the center of the living room and asked him to sit in the chair. It took several minutes to get him to agree. Finally he sat down and I explained that I was going to give him a blessing with consecrated oil. Then I would sage him and give him sacrament or what some call communion. As I put a drop of oil on the top of his head he began to tense up and sweat. I put my hands on his head and as I began the pray, I could feel electricity coming from him and my hands began to get hot like they were burning and he was trying to move from the chair i put more pressure on his head with my heads enough to keep him seated until the first prayer was done. I then began the blessing to bind and banish what was in him. I still had my hands placed on his head and began the second part.

His breathing became a heavier and with each exhale I could hear a low growl and knew things could go south really fast and that staying focused and strong in my faith is very important. As I started the second prayer I felt the air in the room begin to clear and smell fresh but at the same time it felt like there was a battle between the light wanting to come in and the heaviness trying to over power it.

After the binding and banishing prayer, he seemed to relax. Indeed, he almost fell asleep.

The next thing was to sage him from the bottom up all and all around.

The sage was lit and as I started at the bottom of his feet going back and forth to have the smoke surround him. I noticed it was going around him like tracing the outline of his body. This was not good. Something was blocking the smoke from doing what it naturally does.

I quietly said another prayer in Jesus name and with the authority of the Melchizedek priest hood.

I could feel pressure begin to surround me trying to stop this but I stayed focused and finished the quiet prayer and the smoke began to form naturally and surround him. I had windows and doors open to release everything and the room began to smell like vanilla and chamomile.

I then blessed the bread and water and gave everyone in the room sacrament. To each small cup of water I added a little holy water.

After about a week I contacted everyone that was there to make sure everyone was good. The boyfriend said he felt lighter and slept like never before. and that their house felt clearer and doesn't look foggy inside anymore.

Not all exorcisms go this smoothly but I am glad when they do.


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