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This week we waltz into December like a well-traveled mythologist heading down-under to Tasmania.  Where we sampled Lark Distillery's Single Malt Whisky which has been aged for several years and finished in a Rum cask for the remainder of it's age.  At roughly 65% ABV, we hit a copper pot of deliciousness that brings a welcomed change of pace as we begin to explore libations created south of the equator and in a different hemisphere.

The Colour

With a shout out to our Australian brethren, whom gave us a unique and much appreciated copper coloured (yes, we are adding the extra "u" out of respect) whisky, there is sense that there is a density and resurgence to the adherence to a code of whisky production.  (Also yes, they are excluding the "e" for a reason).

The Nose

From the opening of the bottle to the initial pour, there is an overwhelming sweetness that brings out the satisfaction of honey and the presence of cane sugar and rum, obviously from the rum cask finish.  With hints of orange juice, malt, dried raisins and dates, along with a very subtle oak smell, this whisky offers a calm presentation before the taste.

The Pallet

After the pour, when this honey and uniquely rum smelling nectar hits the lips, one cannot help but be reminiscent of toasted coconut, orange marmalade or perhaps some ripened mango with an every so slightly smokey wood flavor, without a direct link to oak or cedar.

The Finish and Linger

From start to finish, there is an appreciated consistency where there is a long and pronounced sweetness of cane sugar and even a hint of rum.  But overall there is a lingering taste of citrus and an orange/lime concoction which lends itself to a long-day, evening on the porch, recapping one's work week, which allows this whisky to be a front of the self selection on our go-to storytelling pours.

The Score

Tanner's score: 82
Josh's score: 82

LMAW Grade: 82



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