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Hokkaido Looks To Indigenous Heritage For Tourism Appeal

Hokkaido Looks To Indigenous Heritage For Tourism Appeal

These restrictive conservation regulations point out that the survival of the Birdwing butterfly population still suffers a excessive degree of threat. Currently, Taiwanese authorities strictly limits the collection of Birdwing butterflies, indicating that Birdwing butterflies are subject to different threats, corresponding to tourism actions. The cultural traits of the Tao tribe, such as the flying fish festival, canoes, and underground homes, are distinctive to the Tao tribe in Taiwan; other indigenous tribes in Taiwan wouldn’t have such cultural options.

The grownup Birdwing butterflies preferentially feed on the white flowers of Sea Mango bushes; this plant can be normally current in the graveyards of the Tao individuals. Because the Tao people have observed that Birdwing butterflies generally fly across the tribe’s forbidden areas, they regard them as souls or messengers of evil spirits. They believe that people who are close to them or catch them shall be possessed by evil spirits and can deliver misfortunate. Using fish for instance, edible fish are divided into teams primarily based on the people who are allowed to eat them.

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