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This is the 2nd Bourbon we've sampled on the show and true to American distilling form, it has some unique characteristics which makes this Whiskey pronounced and a favorable contender against other Bourbons in its class.  We drank it straight and this 100 proof / 50% abv Bourbon was complex, yet easy to drink as is.  I have to say, I'm still smiling while writing this since having sampled it during our show this weekend.

The Nose

Right off the bat, there is an inviting smokiness and wood tone, which reminds one of cedar planking and then leads to a sweet airy-ness of vanilla.  I has a warm undertone, or perhaps a nostalgia of port or sherry wine intertwined with smoked wood and spices..

The Pallet

An immediate taste and slow ebb and flow over the pallet shocks the senses, not by how strong or rigid the taste is, but how smooth this Bourbon is on the front and middle of the tongue.  As you let it sit a little and perhaps close your eyes on this one, you can gather the taste of mulled cherries, stewed plums and for a moment a warm splash of port wine. With a full swig and swallow, there is relationship that one could connect with and that's the sweet and mild tartness of a rye-whiskey.  It's just a hint and does not hit with the potency of a rye though.

The Finish and Linger

With a leap off of the sweet and ever-so-slightly sour note of rye, the finish on this Bourbon is very much appreciated and brings a roundness to the entirety of the tasting.  There isn't a harsh finish or strong evaporative factor at all and in fact the taste is absorbed as a pleasant medium-dry finish.  After drinking this wonderful Bourbon stays with you for some time after and captivates into some additional rear nose tones.

The Score

Tanner's score: 90% (A-)
Josh's score: 94% (A)

LMAW Grade: 92% (A)


Selected Awards for Four Roses Bourbon Single Barrel:

2014 Denver International Spirits Competition, Double Gold

2013 Paste Magazine, # 1, The 15 Best New Spirits of 2013

2012, 2010 & 2009 Gold Medal; San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2012 Ultimate Recommendation, 95 Points; Ultimate Spirits Challenge

2012 Gold Medal; San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2010 Wine Enthusiast Best Buy: 96-100 Points

2010 Strongly Recommended, 89 Points; Ultimate Spirits Challenge


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