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Exciting Extreme Sports in Bali to do During Holiday

Exciting Extreme Sports in Bali to do During Holiday

Bali is not only the most popular and attractive tourist destination, but also a place to do exciting activities while on vacation, such as trying the extreme activities of bali sports, which are challenging but fun.

This activity is suitable for those who like challenges and want to have a good adrenaline rush. Although rushing your adrenalin, these fun activities can be one of the holiday ideas while on the island of Bali.

Extreme Sports Activities on the Island of Bali

The following are extreme and exciting activities in Bali:

1. Paragliding in Timbis

Want to try the sensation of floating or flying at a height that reaches tens of meters above the sea? Try paragliding at Timbis and Mount Batur Bali.

While paragliding there, you can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama from above.

Fear will disappear and be replaced with excitement when you are at the top while seeing the beauty of the stunning natural panorama surrounding you. From this extreme height, you can see white sand beaches and waves from the Indian Ocean.

2. Canyoning at Gitgit

For the type of nature explorer who likes to explore the nature of Indonesia, you must try the canyoning experience on the island of Bali, like doing canyoning at Gitgit.

You will explore the contours of steep cliffs, cross rivers with fast currents, track down steep and muddy tracks, and so on. Going down the cliff became the most challenging action of this canyoning activity at Gitgit Bali.

3. Jump Cliff & Slide at Aling Aling Waterfall

Another activity that you can try if you are traveling to bali from us is Jump Cliff & Slide. The Aling-aling Waterfall tourist destination is becoming a viral natural tourist spot in Bali.

Not only is the natural panorama is exotic, but also the beauty of the lush trees, steep cliffs, and crystal clear water are also the advantages of this waterfall.

Try to be brave at this waterfall by skating or jumping from the top of the cliff into the pool, which reaches 12m high.

4. Wake Boarding in Benoa

Surfing and skateboarding are usual, if you want to try something extraordinary, wakeboarding activity at Benoa Bali should be your choice of activity. This water sport is also a hit in Bali because it combines surfing and skateboarding in the sea.

You stand on a wakeboard, then hold on to a rope attached to a speedboat with an average speed of approximately 25 km/hour. The sensation is very addictive.

There are still many other extreme sports that you can do in Bali. Make sure to fill your vacation with exciting and thrilling activities on the island of Bali.

Ozturk Coskun

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