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Euraxess Latin America And The Caribbean

Euraxess Latin America And The Caribbean

The time period Pre-Columbian is used especially usually within the context of the good indigenous civilizations of the Americas, such as these of Mesoamerica and the Andes (Inca, Moche, Muisca, Cañaris). Diseases launched from Europe and West Africa devastated the indigenous peoples, and the European powers colonized the Americas. Mass emigration from Europe, including massive numbers of indentured servants, and importation of African slaves largely changed the indigenous peoples. The following table lists the seven continents with their highest and lowest points on land, sorted in decreasing highest points.
From the sixteenth century the English noun continent was derived from the term continent land, which means steady or connected land and translated from the Latin terra continens. The noun was used to mean “a related or continuous tract of land” or mainland. It was not applied only to very giant areas of land—in the seventeenth century, references had been made to the continents of Isle of Man, Ireland and Wales and in 1745 to Sumatra.

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