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Earth’s Continents & Oceans Flashcards

Earth’s Continents & Oceans Flashcards

Speaking right now, Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison said that people wouldn’t have to pay the A$495 (£262 /€313/US$357) visa software charges provided they arrive in the country throughout the next 12 weeks . That means they may be able to apply for a full refund when they arrive in the nation. Apart from donating, there are a variety of ways to assist. The finest method to assist this initiative is to inform different individuals about it — we wish everyone to plant trees!

Asia is the biggest of all continents and covers about 9% of the total earth’s floor. It is essentially the most populated continent on earth with an estimated human population of four.three billion individuals. As such, the Asian inhabitants has a major role to play within the economic system of the world. According to geographers, the south pole of the earth is contained in Antarctica. Because of these traits, this continent is probably the most uninhabitable in the entire face of the earth.

The majority of its 25 million-person population lives within the city areas on the coasts. North America boasts Lake Superior, the most important freshwater lake on the earth. One of the Great Lakes, Superior covers more than 31,seven hundred square miles between the United States and Canada. And these aren’t the only superlatives of this continent.

Although it’s technically part of North America , Greenland has been linked more politically to Europe. Indeed, Vikings arrived in Greenland around the tenth century, and for a time the island was a colony of Denmark. If its frozen water were to melt, it might increase sea ranges all over the world by 6 meters . Although that is the twelfth biggest nation , Greenland averages the fewest people per square kilometer of its floor space.

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