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Yet Gulati has by no means reacted to these setbacks with anger or a shaking of fists, a minimal of publicly. Instead, he has simply retrenched, quietly gone about his business and located a unique path forward. Eight years after his stinging USSF rebuke, he was elected president, a publish he nonetheless holds at present. And the us, together with Mexico and Canada, are odds-on favorites to host the 2026 World Cup and bring the match again to North America for the primary time since 1994.

This course is a survey of the histories and cultures of the Islamic Middle East, beginning in the period before the appearance of Islam within the 7th century till the eve of the twentieth century. This class will begin with the regional and international contexts in which Islam emerged, analyzing the historical past of the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’anic revelation, and the primary community of believers. We will then take a glance at the enlargement of the “abode of Islam” over the course of several centuries, asking why so many individuals in so many different areas converted to Islam. We will also study philosophical, cultural, authorized, political, and social developments in region now known as the Middle East and North Africa till the period of early European colonialism. Diverse populations, a blend of colonial and revolutionary establishments, and openness to immigration make national identities extra elastic within the Americas than in much of Europe. In his traditional Imagined Communities, social theorist Benedict Anderson factors out that the very term “America” had a obscure, contested quality that didn’t map neatly onto borders of any specific state.

The Americas make up many of the land in Earth’s Western Hemisphere and comprise the New World. And since Africa and Asia are related on the Suez Peninsula, Europe, Africa, and Asia are sometimes combined as Afro-Eurasia or Eurafrasia. “Distribution of land and water on the planet Archived 31 May 2008 at the Wayback Machine.” UN Atlas of the Oceans Archived 15 September 2008 on the Wayback Machine . †† Claimed by Australia as a part of the Australian Antarctic Territory, however this declare is not widely recognised by the worldwide neighborhood. Antarctica was sighted in 1820 in the course of the First Russian Antarctic Expedition and described as a continent by Charles Wilkes on the United States Exploring Expedition in 1838, the final continent identified, though a great “Antarctic” landmass had been anticipated for millennia.

In the far northwest of North America, the Yukon drains much of the Alaskan peninsula and flows 1,980 miles from elements of Yukon and the Northwest Territory to the Pacific. Draining to the Arctic Ocean of Canada, the Mackenzie River drains waters from the Arctic Great Lakes of Arctic Canada, versus the Saint-Lawrence River that drains the Great Lakes of Southern Canada into the Atlantic Ocean. The Mackenzie River is the biggest in Canada and drains 1,805,200 sq. kilometers . The Arctic small tool tradition, a Paleo-Eskimo culture branched off into two cultural variants, including the Pre-Dorset, and the Independence traditions of Greenland. The descendants of the Pre-Dorset cultural group, the Dorset culture was displaced by the final migrants from the Bering sea coast line, the ancestors of modern Inuit, the Thule people, by 1000Common Era .

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