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Something we take really seriously around here is feedback. We’ve been like that since day one. We prefer you keep it constructive and clean but we’ll try to see the value in what you say even if you don’t. So if you’re here to offer criticism, know that you can be honest. You’re not going to hurt our feelings by speaking your mind.

Another thing we try to keep on the up and up is our availability. Tanner works a day job and Nico is locked in the studio 12-hours a day, but we will always make time to answer a question or say hi back to you if you’re just saying hello. You listeners are the only reason we can do this thing we love, so you’re a top priority; even if you’re not a paying supporter.

Use the form below to send us any comments, questions, or feedback you’d like. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.