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Compass Field Myths & Legends Where To Buy

Compass Field Myths & Legends Where To Buy

For Myths & Legends III we now have taken a few of the similar parcels of malt whisky utilized in II and added peated malt whiskies from a pair of celebrated island distilleries. Thanks to them, II’s flavours of tropical fruits and butterscotch are now further enriched by a deep and enchantingly fragrant peat profile. The breadth of complicated flavours found in Myths & Legends III dismantles such superstitious thinking. Myths & Legends I is a single malt whisky from the Balblair distillery that has been matured in first fill bourbon barrels (57.9%) and recharred American oak barrels (42.1%). The second bottling of Compass Box’s new Myths & Legends series, a sequence challenging our notion of Scotch Whisky.

Titled Myths & Legends, it’s a series of three merely titled bottles that instructions some pretty premium pricing—$150 for each of them—but guarantees unique experiences in each case. All three are bottled at 46% Abv , and are in pretty limited release . We were in a position to snag samples of all three, so let’s get right into it. It was blended from a mix of 2 casks parcels from Balblair Distillery.

Single malt simply means that the whiskey should be the product of a single distillery. This implies that a lot of single malt whiskeys may fall beneath the colloquial definition for a blend as a outcome of they may combine whiskeys from a quantity of batches. Two parcels of whisky of various ages from the identical Northern Highland distillery were blended collectively in this expression. Floral on the nose, with ginger biscuits, malt, vanilla, and peach blossom. The palate is voluptuous, with candy orchard fruits, more malt, and cinnamon spice. The earliest known instance of the time period “moonshine” getting used to refer to illicit alcohol dates to the 1785 edition of Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, which was printed in England.

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