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Buy Compass Box Myths & Legends Ii Scotch Whisky On-line

Buy Compass Box Myths & Legends Ii Scotch Whisky On-line

Myths & Legends I highlights the extent to which individual casks are often unreliable authorities for the fashion of whisky made at a distillery; it is by blending casks together that a fuller picture of distillery character can emerge. Time is defining at Bowmore® and we tirelessly harness the power of time to shape our whiskies. Our distillery’s adherence to conventional production strategies helps to shape the character of our fruity and smoky single malts. Today, we’re amongst one of some distilleries which still produces its personal flooring malted barley, hand-turned by a traditional wooden malt shovel and hand drawn machinery. Water for the whiskies is specially drawn from the Laggan River, with its rich peaty overtones – the identical Islay peat that fires the malt-drying kiln.

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