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Our first 100% Corn Whiskey, Winter Park Distilling's Bear Gully Classic Whiskey is something unlike anything we've ever tasted on this show. Not only were we able to enjoy it in beautifully oversized Waterford Crystal snifters, but the flavor and smoothness really knocked our socks off.

The Nose

We drank this Winter Park Distilling offering in snifters that really funneled the nose right into our faces so when judging the nose for a score, we did so in traditional whiskey glasses. The nose is sweet and green, with a smidgen of robust earthiness - the sort you might expressed from a fresh pressed vegetable juice.

The Pallet

It cannot be overstated the smoothness experienced as Bear Gully Classic hits your lips, washes over your tongue, and hits the back of your throat. The entire experience is smooth and enjoyable, no fire, not sting, no burn. The flavor is clean and crisp is a way similar to high-end gins; with a hint of celery and a clear and present flavor of fresh corn husk... a farmers market of taste to be sure.

The Finish and Linger

There's zero effort needed to tolerate the finish of Bear Gully Classic, but there is a warming surprise a few seconds after the swallow: a radiating warmth at the center of your chest, just behind your lungs, that makes you feel all soft and fuzzy. With Fall upon us, we can't imagine a better feeling to pair with our long jeans and new flannels. From start to finish: Well done, Winter Park Distilling, well done.

The Score

Tanner's score: 92% (A-)
Josh's score: 86% (B)

LMAW Grade: 89% (B+)

If you missed this week's episode, you can listen to the whole thing here:



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