Welcome, and thanks for giving the #LMaW podcast a shot. We'll premier our first episode, The Goblins Spider and Fletcher's Bird, on September the 12th. If that's all you needed to know, thanks for stopping by. If you're wondering what the format of this program will be, read on, brave traveler.

Every week, two to four new stories

Every week Josh and Tanner will sit down at the mics and share with you a handful of obscure stories from the ancient world. The origins of the myths, legends, fairytales, and stories told will run the full gamut of cultures, from Japanese to Slavic, German to Native American, Bedouin to Ethiopian, and so on until there's no tale left untold. These stories will be recanted, not read, by the hosts and you can expect a lot of additional information about these stories, during these stories. After all, we don't want to create a show that teaches you things you could have learned in five-seconds with a Google search. We want to create a show whose research takes you deeper into the histories of past cultures than, say, the cursory once-over of a Wikipedia article.

Every week, a new whiskey (or scotch!)

To create a more casual experience, one that feels more like a chat around a hearth and less like a lecture in a stuffy university library, whiskey (and scotch!) will be included as a staple of the show. But this isn't solely for the benefit of our hosts. No. In addition to the myths and legends discussed, you'll also be learning about the history of each new whiskey. Pay attention and you may be able to impress a few people the next time you're out on the town for a night out with friends.

Shows will be approximately 45-minutes in length

This may end up being 30-minutes for episodes with less intricate stories being discussed, or 60-minutes for the move convoluted ones. Most of the time though, we'll aim for 45-minutes.

We will have guests

Every now and again we will feature special episodes featuring experts in the fields of history and mythology. These episodes will follow the format of all the other episodes, they will not be in an interview format. We're also willing to feature regular Joes with not-so-regular familiarity with their ethnic mythology. If you're a third-generation Sri Lankan, for example, and you have a really great obscure legend to share, you should contact us so we can talk to you about appearing on the show to share what you know.

That's about all you need to know, we think

Did we miss something? Shoot us an e-mail at info@legendsmythsandwhiskey.com and we'd be glad to any questions you have left. Thanks for reading!


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