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Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, And Europe

Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, And Europe

This cultural historical past makes the United States and Canada very related to one another and very completely different from other parts of the world. Massive slab of solid rock made up of Earth’s lithosphere . Tectonic plate at present being fashioned in eastern Africa because the African plate splits in two. Tectonic plate presently being formed in western Africa because the African Plate splits in two. Long interval of chilly climate the place glaciers cover large parts of the Earth.

Continental crust is much less dense and much thicker than oceanic crust, which causes it to “float” greater than oceanic crust on the dense underlying mantle. This explains why the continents type excessive platforms surrounded by deep ocean basins. An 1849 atlas labelled Antarctica as a continent however few atlases did so until after World War II.

Rainfall is mild on the plateau, and never many individuals have settled there. The Great Dividing Range, a long mountain range, rises near the east coast and extends from the northern part of the territory of Queensland via the territories of New South Wales and Victoria. Mainland Australia is thought for theOutback, a desert space within the interior. This area is so dry, sizzling, and barren that few folks stay there. The continent has a variety of climate regions, frompolarin the Siberian Arctic to tropical in equatorial Indonesia.

Antarctica is doubtless one of the smallest continents on Earth, only larger than Europe and Australia. But, although Antarctica is larger than Europe, its population is so much smaller in size. In truth, Antarctica has the smallest inhabitants of all 7 continents. Antarctica is mostly identified for being the southernmost continent on our planet. Because of its geographical position in the South Pole, Antarctica suffers the coldest temperatures on Earth, typically reaching -130°F (-90°C).

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