About This Show

A storytelling podcast focused on helping its listeners learn more about the cultures of antiquity. Tanner narrates and Nico composes original and inspired soundscapes to accompany that narration.

The Legends Myths and Whiskey podcast is global not just in its content but in its production; Tanner lives in Portland, ME, USA and Nico in Lancashire, England, UK.

Read, recorded, and edited by Tanner a week ahead of release and then sent to Nico for scoring. As Nico composes a custom musical arrangement, Tanner researches the story prepares a scripted delivery of all the relevant teachable content which he uses during the lead up to the story and in the review after the story. All stories shared on the program are presented in an uninterrupted fashion. The outline of each show is: (1) Introduction, (2) story, (3) review of story and its various components.

The program is dedicated to Colin Campbell, Tanner’s grandfather and a man with great regard for historical knowledge.

If you’re looking for old episodes

Episodes that came before the current season are taken offline and provided to Patrons only, another reason to support us. If you’re looking for additional episodes from the current season, you need look no further than our blog where we place all episodes from the current season.