About This Show

A storytelling podcast focused on quality and teaching the world more about the cultures of antiquity. Tanner narrates and Nico composes original and inspired soundscapes to accompany that narration. Our sources are in the public domain.

The outline of each show is: (1) Introduction, (2) story, (3) whiskey review, (4) wrap-up. Narration and delivery are in the traditional storytelling style.

Our short-term goal is to deliver high quality re-tellings of classic and obscure mythology and folklore for the sake of keeping them in the memories of the next generation.

Our long-term goal is to fund a formal production studio that can combine narration, music, and animated art to create both derivative and original films featuring and based on the myths and folktales of the world.

The program and all its efforts are dedicated to Colin Campbell, Tanner’s grandfather and a man with great regard for cultural knowledge and wisdom.

If you’re looking for old episodes

Episodes that came before the current season are taken offline and provided to Patrons only, another reason to support us. If you’re looking for additional episodes from the current season, you need look no further than our blog where we place all episodes from the current season.

Expenses, Earnings, Profit

We’re very open about what we earn and what we do with the money we earn, lest anyone mistake our efforts for anything but earnest and our stated intentions for anything less than true.


VendorPurposeMonthly Cost
Total Overhead$616
Simplecast.FMHosting for the LMAW Podcast as well as for the Mythology and Folklore Minute$24
ChemiCloud.comShared hosting for our websites.$16
We Talk of DreamsMusic composition for our stories, Mythosymphonies, and other albums.$270
Acadia Recording CompanyStudio time for recording the LMAW podcast.$200
Facebook WorkplaceThe platform we use to collaborate with each other as well as manage projects for clients of Satyr Productions$12
HelloBonsai.comOur invoicing solution$19
Bandcamp.comThe platform we use to sell our albums and other audio projects$20
GoogleThe GSuite platform for file sharing, storage, and email communication.$55


Income SourceDescriptionMonthly Earnings
Satyr ProductionsEarnings from editing and mastering services we offer to other podcasts.$400
Album SalesSales per month on the Bandcamp platform. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This is an average.~$50


We reassess this monthly, so feel free to adjust +/- 10% or so – that should give you a fair guess in the event we grew (or shrunk!) in between updates.

Current profit: -$32