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7 Continents Of The World

7 Continents Of The World

Spanning the academic-practitioner divide, college students and teachers interested within the sociology of religion and of higher education, as well as these responsible for the sensible management of campus life, will discover this text of explicit significance. Most folks living within the borders of North America right now are of European descent, and the tradition of the three greatest nations making up the continent today — the United States, Canada and Mexico — is what has been traditionally referred to as Judeo-Christian. In fact, the US and Canada are two of essentially the most multicultural international locations on earth at present. This, united with a sure desire to be different and culturally transfer away from Europe and towards a brand new, unique identification has given rise to norms and a zeitgeist particular to them. This is especially the case of the United States, the place the desire of doing away with British affect after gaining independence was sturdy.

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