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As a podcast we are not often in control of where on the world wide web our show is listed. We love the idea of being available for everyone regardless of where they live or how they find us but some platforms are a little off-brand, unsafe from a cyber security perspective – full of malware for example – and when we’re listed on them it can give the illusion that we chose to be listed on them. The truth is that anyone can submit our RSS feed to any aggregator and just like that, bam, we’re listed on the WeHatePuppies Podcast Network. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. Sometimes however, on rare occasions, we actually get the opportunity to appear somewhere we really want to appear.

Like RadioPublic, for example

RadioPublic is free for us to list ourselves on (approval required) and once a podcast is listed, that podcast gets paid for people listening to its episodes on the RadioPublic network. The money isn’t amazing of course, it’s a lot like Spotify streaming revenue (which is $0.0015 per stream), but it’s something that helps us earn a living without relying completely on the 1-3% of listeners who are kind enough to¬†support us as Patrons.

At the time of this writing we receive about 10,000 individual listens per month. Last season we didn’t make any money from that traffic. This season, though we have no data yet, those 10,000 listens will earn us $15. Again, not a lot of money, but it’s more than no money at all. Were we to grow our audience to 1,000,000 listens per month, we could make $1500 per month. Of course this depends on people listening on the RadioPublic network, which most people won’t because most people aren’t going to change their podcatcher preference to accommodate one podcast, but the point is…

RadioPublic is doing something really great for podcasters – they’re trying to help us turn a passion that has been notoriously difficult to monetize into something that’s a little less difficult to monetize and a little easier to make a living on. It’s not much now, but it’s a start – podcasting is still in its early days.

So help us make a living: listen on RadioPublic (it’s free!)

Yeah, at 4 episodes a month you might only be helping us earn 6-cents a month, but that’s 6-cents more than not listening to us on RadioPublic. So go do it, click the button!

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