The Story of Perseus (Part One)

Part one of the full story of Perseus. Whisky from New Zealand. We’ll hear of the conditions surrounding the birth of Perseus; his grandfather’s terrible treatment of his young mother and how the two were cast out to sea to perish in the waves. We’ll leave them as they arrive upon the rocky shores of an unknown land, and are greeted by a good fisherman who is anything but a common man.

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This season we’re featuring the big pantheons and the most popular among them is first: Greek. This series will include the full stories of Perseus, the Argonauts, and Theseus. We’ll start with the story of the hero Perseus, a story which does not start with its namesake. The story of Perseus begins with the birth of two boys – twins – the grandparents of our hero. We’re going to start this series by telling of the origins of Perseus and how his mother brought him to the isle of Seriphos.

Source: *”The Heroes; Or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children”* by Charles Kingsley (1889)

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