The Adventures of the Argonauts (Part II)

When we last left our Hero he had just been brought to the home of Chiron the Centaur, wisest of all things under the sun, atop the snowy peaks of Mount Pelion. Let us rejoin him and see what happens when he starts out for Iolcus by the sea with the intention of claiming the throne as the rightful heir to the kingdom. Something tells me it’s not going to go as he plans… if it does, this is going to be a real short series.

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As a podcast we are not often in control of where on the world wide web our show is listed. We love the idea of being available for everyone regardless of where they live or how they find us but some platforms are a little off-brand, unsafe from a cyber security perspective – full of malware for example – and when we’re listed on them it can give the illusion that we chose to be listed on them. The truth is that anyone can submit our RSS feed to any aggregator and just like that, bam, we’re listed on the WeHatePuppies Podcast Network. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. Sometimes however, on rare occasions, we actually get the opportunity to appear somewhere we really want to appear.

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The Story of Perseus (Part Two)

When we last left our protagonist he wasn’t our protagonist at all, his mother was, and we left him and her on the rocky shores of Seriphos, having beached there after many days of wayward drifting after King Acrisius set them both in a chest and sent them out to sea and to, what he hoped would be, their demise. Fortunately for them, the warm winds and fateful waters of the Greek sea ferried them to a friendly land and into the good graces of the King of Seriphos’s brother, Dictys.

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The Story of Perseus (Part One)

Part one of the full story of Perseus. Whisky from New Zealand. We’ll hear of the conditions surrounding the birth of Perseus; his grandfather’s terrible treatment of his young mother and how the two were cast out to sea to perish in the waves. We’ll leave them as they arrive upon the rocky shores of an unknown land, and are greeted by a good fisherman who is anything but a common man.

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